Happy New Year and Happy Planning!

Happy New Year and congratulations to the newly engaged! Here’s your planning starter kit to help you on the right track to planning the big day!


I can’t believe its 2017! Seems as if 2016 came and went so quickly. But the new year is about fresh starts and new beginnings. There’s nothing I love more than a wedding engagement during the holiday season. It’s said that the most engagements happen between Thanksgiving and New Years. So heres to a fresh stat and congratulations to all of the newly engaged couples out there! img_4556

Below you’ll find post to help you get started with your planning, the Wedding Planning Starter Pack. These five posts have very helpful tips to get you started on the path to planning your big day!

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now what?

Friday Quick Tips and Tricks: Venue Hunting

Wedding Planners 101: To Hire or Not To Hire, That Is The Question

Wedding Planner Match Making!

Friday Tips and Tricks: Budgeting

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Congratulations again and happy planning! XOXO!

Wedding Planners 101: To Hire or Not To Hire, That Is The Question

I hope everyone had a relaxing and fun weekend, hopefully full of productive wedding planning! No matter where you’re at in the planning process, one of the biggest questions that is bound to come up is whether or not you should hire a wedding planner. There are a lot of brides who definitely decide to hire a planner, and there are some who decide to go without. If you’re not sure, here are a few things I think you should take into consideration: 1) Wedding size. Are you having an intimate wedding or something on a larger scale? Think about handling all the details for the amount of guests you’re planning to host. If the idea of organizing stationary, seating arrangements, and table decor for 200 people gives you heart palpitations, you may want to consider it 🙂 2) Location. If you’re having your wedding in your city of residence where you know the lay of the land, you may be okay without a planner. If you’re having a wedding in another state or country, a wedding planner who is more familiar with the area may be useful. 3) Your level of organization. Would you consider yourself an organized person? Are you type A. If you love organizing little details, and if you feel like you can handle it, go for it! There have been many a bride that thrive off of having a 5 inch wedding binder with the wedding broken down in minute details. If that’s not you, maybe consider a planner for a little extra help. 4) Life in general. Consider what your life is looking like right now. Are you super busy at work? How much responsibilities outside of work do you have? Can you realistically see yourself carving out time to plan all of the details? If you do, then Godspeed! Some brides are fortunate to be able to balance both. If you just don’t have the time, you can have a planner handle all of the things you don’t have time for.


There are also different levels of planning services:

  • Full Service Planning
    • Full service wedding planning pretty much is what it sounds like. This is great for anyone who has no time to plan themselves, or just want to be a little more hands off. Ideally you would have a planner that assists you with ever single aspect of your wedding planning, from helping you find a venue, vendor selection, budgeting, attire hunting for the wedding party, stationary (invitations, save-the-dates, place cards, etc.), menu selection, and pretty much every other detail. This will vary from planner to planner so just make sure that they are covering all of the services that you really need.
  • Partial Planning
    • Partial wedding planning, is great for the more hands on bride who wants to be involved in her planning process by needs someone to kind of guide her along the way. The services included vary from planner to planner as far as how involved they are. Do you research and find someone who matches the level of involvement and the services that you want.
  • Day-Of Services
    • Day of planning services are great for anyone who can handle all of the planning but would like someone to step in towards the end of the process to help with all of the last-minute details. Depending on the planner, they can step in anywhere from one to three months prior. There are some planners whose day of services include checking in periodically every few months or so to see how you’re doing, in addition to stepping in a couple of months out. Some of these services include organizing the rehearsal, touching base and confirming all your vendors, and last-minute budgeting.

As you can see, there’s something for everyone. In Chicago, there are so many planners to choose from, with a wide range of budgets. IMPORTANT: Your best friend’s second cousin who plans the family picnic every year is NOT the same as a professional wedding planner (no offense to your best friend’s second cousin. I’m sure the annual family picnic is fabulous). Whether you’re having a casual wedding or something on a grand scale, it’s still your wedding day! If you’re going to bring a planner on board, you HAVE to have someone who knows what their doing, especially someone who has done weddings before. Questions or comments, let me know! I’ll have more information about planners this week. Until then, as always, happy planning!