‘Tis The Season: Winter Weddings

Let it snow, let it snow! Today we’re talking about the fun of winter weddings!


Every wedding season, traditionally summer and early fall months are the most coveted months to get married. However, a lot of couples do get married in the winter time, whether its to save money or because they love the idea of a winter wonderland on their wedding day. Either way, winter weddings can be really fun and really beautiful. Here are a few ways to celebrate the season on your big day!

Pretty lights!



You can think of winter season without thinking about twinkle lights! Tiny white or amber twinkle lights is an elegant way to give your wedding a seasonal feel and you can incorporate them anywhere from the centerpieces, to the tables, and around the venue. Pier 1 Imports has very affordable LED string lights in a few different colors.

Seasonal Center Pieces

When I think winter I think holiday season, white, sparkle, red, pine, etc. You can give your wedding a winter feel by incorporating seasonal centerpieces. Notice how I say seasonal as opposed to Christmas. It’s your wedding day, so you want your wedding to be timeless and classy. Instead of Santa and Reindeer, stick to more classic themes. Your wedding will still look like a wedding and be timeless in photographs.


Signature Flavors

Winter is such a cozy time of year! Incorporate flavors into your day that makes your guests warm and fuzzy. One great way to do that is in a signature beverage! A fun cocktail with cranberries, boozy hot cider, or mulled wine, are a few of my wintertime favorites. Why not incorporate a hot chocolate bar into your dessert service or sweets table!

Escort Cards

Ok…as much as i lean toward classic traditional notes, I love to see unique, out-of-the-box escort cards. I think its one of the areas of your wedding where you can get truly creative! Christmas Gift Boxes, Mini Ornaments, Snowflakes…so many options. I really adore these pine cone escort cards! Simple and seasonal. Spray a little sparkly, fake snow and you’re good to go!


Sparkle, Sparkle, Sparkle!

I love seeing winter weddings with sparkle and there’s a way to incorporate sparkle without it being overwhelming. I’m a huge fan of glitter table runners, and overlays. A lot of linen companies have sparkle linen you can rent in a variety of colors like black, gold, silver, white, and fun colors like blue!


And then of course, you can always wish for snow….and get shots like this.


You can see more stunning photos from the winter wedding above here, courtesy of Chicago wedding photographer Elena Bazini!

Happy Planning!


Wedding Sweet Treats!

Not really feeling the traditional wedding cake? Here are a few nontraditional sweets for your big day!

Hi Birdies! I hope everyone had a wonderful T-giving and enjoying the holiday season! I was enjoying a cozy day inside, which resulted in a sweets craving (as usual)! At weddings, aside from the first dance and the speeches, dessert is something that I can look forward to. Nowadays, a lot of brides are opting out of doing a traditional wedding cake and choosing more non-traditional desserts.

The options are practically endless! Let’s start with a little spin on your traditional teared wedding cake! Cake designers are SO incredibly talented these days, that you can make a tiered wedding cake look unique and fun. You can play with different textures, colors and flavors each tier of the cake! One wedding cake secret is you can still have multiple tiers of cake….but don’t have them stacked. It actually costs more to stack the tiers because of all the labor that goes into. Having individual round cakes will not only save you a few bucks, but it can add a bit of whimsy cake three or four individual round cakes that has its own look.

FullSizeRender 35

Wanna have your cake and eat it too? Cake pops are another fun way to have cake in nontraditional way! You can do multiple flavors and decorations, and they look cute! You guests can appreciate having cake they can easily “pop” in their mouth!


Cupcakes, are always a good time. You can do full-sized or mini cupcakes. I’ve seen couples do ┬ásmall cake to cut atop a tower of cupcakes for you guests. You can make it fun by adding fillings of fruit or ganache for a little surprise in each bite!


Doughnuts are very “in” right now. There’s been this new phenomenon of gourmet doughnuts and I am HERE FOR IT! The wonderful thing is that many of the places will┬ádo catering and bulk orders. Like cupcakes, you can do full size of minis. I’ve also seen a doughnut bar where you can have assorted doughnut holes and your guess can dip in their choice of glazes and toppings. Some popular doughnut establishments in Chicago: Glazed and Infused, Firecakes, The Doughnut Vault, and Stan’s just to name a few!


Pies, pies and more pies! Not only do they look cute, they taste delicious! This is great for fall or winter weddings too. You can do a full spread of pies, or have individual mini pies served to the tables! Bang Bang Pies and First Slice are two of my favorite pie places!


Dont be afraid to think outside of the box on your wedding day! If it’s yummy, your guests will love it!

Happy planning!